Meet the Expat Kitchen Team

At Expat Kitchen we provide a stimulating, exciting environment where we all share a passion and love for food. The team is proud to support you in developing your culinary skills, no matter what level you think you are.
If you would like to join the team, feel free to contact us at
  Annette Lang - Founder
My food obsession began at a young age as part of a family treated to gourmet cooking courtesy of a great chef - my mum! Throughout my working career in Australia, I found myself taking on roles involving food - from buyer to designer (& taster of course..) of food gifts sold in major Australian department stores like David Jones, Myer/Grace Bros, Kmart and Target. My first exposure to foreign home help was my families first posting in 2001 to India. Meal planning, food selection/preparation for the local house cook became part of the daily training program. It made me realize how much we have to offer our helpers in the area of food management and training. Moving to Singapore in 2002 and experiencing the same challenges, reaffirmed my desire to ensure all helpers are offered the opportunity to excel in culinary capabilities. Expat Kitchen allows me to share this vision.
         We have a roster of trainers who are all experienced industry trained chefs with a passion for imparting their wealth of knowledge.
  Other Expat Kitchen team members include:
  Sarah Reynolds - Marketing Manager
  Karen Sumang-Valera - Admin Manager
  Sarah Swanson - Admin Manager
  Jeannie & Irene - General Kitchen Hands