Employer Testimonial

Hi Annette,
I want to thank you for making my "farewell party" for my friend Becky so special. Everything went perfect on the day! The food was excellent, great presentation, and masses of support from Rachel and her assistant.
Many thanks,
- by
Ali (Catering)
Hi EK Team,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say, Your place is awesome and "thank you" to you and your team for making Kiannis' birthday celebration one that all the other mothers were talking about! More importantly, it sparked Kiannis' interest in wanting to bake cupcakes! So thanks again.
- by
Christina Hah and 4 yr old daughter Kianni
Many thanks for this feedback Patrick and for the lovely photo of Lyne. I'd like to thank you and Expat Kitchen for all you've done over the past four weeks. We have seen a real improvement in Lyne's cooking abilities in terms of an increased repertoire of recipes but also a willingness to try new things. Her sense of ingredient mix, spices and seasoning and also overall kitchen hygiene and management has really progressed. We are delighted because it means that we benefit from the delicious dishes she has been preparing (Moroccan chicken and the bircher mueslis are firm favourites already) but, just as importantly, it has been lovely to see how much Lyne's confidence has improved. She has gone from being very nervous and apprehensive in the kitchen to genuinely excited and keen to learn. Great value for money.
- by
Rebecca Sinclaire (maid: Lyne)
Thank you so much for continuing to deliver a wonderful learning experience. Rein really enjoyed her classes and we're really enjoying eating what you have taught.
- by
We would like to thank you for Emma's wonderful birthday party Saturday a week ago!! Everybody had so much fun. The cooking was challenging for the girls, the snacks they made very yummy and at the same time the Mums could catch up while drinking a cup of coffee! According to Emma 'it was the Best Birthday Party Ever'!! My husband and I agree!!
- by
Yvonne James
Just want to say thank you, the turkey was a complete triumph! Word got round and we attracted lots of extra guests to our classroom to sample the delights. Everyone without exception praised and admired the tenderness of the turkey, and there were some die-hard Americans there who wouldn't usually be easily impressed!

Very grateful!
- by
Prisca Lo-Smith
Thanks to you and the Expat Kitchen staff for the wonderful party food.

Everything was beautifully prepared and so easy for our daughter and her friend to heat up and serve. It was all quite delicious too and people seemed to especially love the sesame chicken with that amazing smokey BBQ sauce and also the samosas!

Thanks again - I will recommend you to others and will be happy to use your service again!
- by
Nancy and Tim Brown
Hi Patrick
Just a note to say that we have been really impressed with the courses Mirasol has attended at Expat Kitchen. She knew how to cook Chinese food when she started working with us, but had never cooked Western food before. The courses have really given her the confidence to have a go at anything and so far she has always delivered really tasty, nicely cooked dinners for us. We have also really enjoyed all the recipes she's brought home from the course and we use at least some of these every week, so the course was worth every penny in our eyes! I will make sure I recommend your courses to everyone.
Many thanks
- by
Adele Hamilton (Maid: Mirasol)
Thanks for the lovely email and imparting good cooking skills to Dorotea. She's inspired to cook and takes great pride and care in presentation too! I will have a look at those focus classes on your website and schedule one.

Thanks for the fabulous classes! You have a wonderful cooking school!
- by
Leona Asgari (Maid: Dorotea)
I really cannot believe that Lea continues to improve at an exponential rate! Moroccan Chicken and Fish Curry .. Yumm! Lea is making the a Tom Yom soup and Thai Green curry tomorrow night - am looking forward to it! Thanks to Expat Kitchen, the only missing part of the equation (cooking) has now been addressed and we are truely delighted!
- by
Kim (Maid; Lea)
Hi Collette,
Thanks again for the great feedback- we're really happy with Geraldine's progress. She seems to have a bit of a talent in the kitchen. She has cooked a few meals she has learned from the course and we are very happy with them. My husband commented that the omelette she made him for breakfast was the best he's ever had- and an omelette is his choice of breakfast when he travels and stays in 5 star hotels, so it was a huge compliment.
- by
Allison Alcorn (maid;Geraldine)
Thank you for the photo. Over the past couple of weeks Venus has been helping with the menu planning and also has been cooking up some yummy food! The favourite was the pizza scrolls, where our fussy toddler couldn't get enough of them.
- by
Megan (maid ; Venus)
Thanks for your email Collette,

Beth really enjoyed herself on Wednesday. I am sure you observed that she is already pretty capable in the kitchen. She hadn't had much opportunity to cook before she came to us, but she picks things up very quickly and she loves to cook, so I want to give her all the encouragement I can. I know she will get a lot out of these classes.

Thanks again and kind regards,

- by
Cate Woodward (Maid; Beth)
Yin Yin has thoroughly enjoyed the course and we can honestly say we have seen a dramatic improvement in her kitchen skills and confidence. She is much more willing to suggest / adapt recipes and she is enthused about trying new recipes. She is practising very good food hygiene and diligently checks labels and makes sure that things are appropriately stored in the fridge. We are really enjoying seeing her so excited, not to mention enjoying all the yummy dishes.

We will definitely send Yin Yin for another course, although it is likely to be in the December or the new year, so please do keep us on the mailing list.

We will pass on your email and photo to Yin Yin also

Kind regards
- by
Sereena Edgerton (Maid: Yin Yin)
Good evening Collette,
We have noticed a big difference in Mel's confidence in the kitchen. I have just returned to work so it has been very important for us that Mel have a good grasp of the basics and your course has been fabulous.
I would like Mel to continue with the intermediate course, if you could hold a place in that for her it would be much appreciated.
Our family is looking forward to trying more of Mel's new cooking skills.
Kind regards,
- by
Carole Osborne (Maid: Mel)
Dear Collette,
Thank you for your email.
Sriyani is thoroughly enjoying the cooking classes & cant wait to tell me about her morning.
He confidence hras improved hugely & she is very keen to cook what she has learnt.
So far everything she has prepared has been cooked to perfection & has been delicious!!
- by
Martin Hinge (Maid: Sriyani)
Cristy is really enjoying these courses! How neat that she 'graduates' today and won the cooking competition too!I would love to sign her up for a Baking Course, but she has a lot of cooking classes right now since she goes directly into the Intermediate Course with you for the next 4 weeks!
Cristy is cooking for us & is making some good meals. We have been a bit lax in having her cook lately, as our schedules have been busy and some of us have even been under the weather. But she is always eager to please and anxious to practice her new culinary skills :)
I hope she enjoys her time today and look forward to many good meals in the future from Cristy. I will look into signing Cristy up for Baking Classes this summer while we travel home for vacation. I want to take the lunchbox ideas course myself during Fall as well :)
- by
Coreen Ritchie (Maid: Christy)
Dear Annette,
Just a note to let you know that your recipes and teaching process have been really great for Jannice (as well as for us!)
Jannice has a natural sense for cooking -- I wish I could create a dish first-time, straight from a recipe like Jannice can. Amazing.
The Expat Kitchen classes have really enhanced her [innate] talent, and I would like to continue to challenge her.
Besides the individual Focus Classes you offer, I"m hoping to see more "master" courses that we can take advantage of. Please keep me posted!
And advice re: further resources that you feel might be helpful to Jannice as she continues to advance professionally are most welcome...
As always, the photos and updates are most appreciated.
- by
A Satisfied Customer (Maid: Jannice)
Thank you, Victoria.

Kumari had a fabulous time on the course and really enjoyed every minute of it.
She has grown in confidence and is very keen to cook her new recipes.

You run a great "show" and thank you also for the valuable feedback.
- by
Hanlie Gordon (Maid: Kumari)
Dear Annette,
Nadia has been practicing what she has learn from class. We loved every dish she made. It's yummy! We are looking forward to her next cooking!
I was browsing through the website for the next course and happen to notice the summer break special. I'm actually interested in the curry club.
Thank you.
- by
Jasmine How (Maid: Nadia)
Dear Annette,

Many thanks for this wonderful reporting. We are so pleased with Cathy's cooking skill since she started taking your course. We love her Moroccan chicken and breakfasts meals, and I am looking forward to trying the fish curry.

Yes, we feel very fortunate for having such a wonderful helper, and I am so happy that these courses have become such a rewarding experience for her.

Many thanks,

- by
Krista (Maid: Cathy)
Hi Annette
Thank you for your commentary on how Catherine is progressing in her cooking class.
She seems to really be enjoying it, and we are certainly enjoying the fruits of her labour. She has produced some truly delicious meals for us, and I have now gone from cooking all the meals with her watching and taking notes, to her cooking everything. She has now also done her own supermarket shop for the ingredients she needs, which is definitely a step in the right direction. I think with time she will develop even more confidence and will be a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen!!!!
I am very keen for her to learn more though, and will check your website to find out when you might do the next course on healthy lunchboxes for kids, and gluten-free eating (none of my family are allergy sufferers thank goodness, but we do try to eat as healthily as possible, and limiting wheat and dairy (without cutting them out altogether) are one of the small steps we are taking).
Thank you again - and I hope to meet you at some point when I do one of your fantastic courses!!!!
Best wishes
Beth Wheeler
- by
Beth Wheeler (Maid: Catherine)
I am very pleased with Mira’s progress. She has been practicing the dishes and they are turning out well.
Apart from teaching her a valuable skill, the course had helped to give her some self confidence. I am very grateful to you for that.

- by
Joan Lynch (Maid: Mira)
Dear Annette,

I have been meaning to email for a while to thank you for imparting your knowledge to Jocelyn during the baking course.

She is so enthusiastic and excited about what she is learning which is lovely for me to see! Of course we are benefitting massively from her newly acquired skills, but more importantly, she is gaining valuable knowledge and skills that will be with her for a very long time.

She has thoroughly enjoyed having a go at all her new recipes each week and we are loving that too, although I'm pretty sure we are going to be very fat if it continues at the same rate! Her pizza is the best we have tasted in a long while and so far everything she has baked has been successful and rapidly devoured! Caramel slice and the meatloaf are on the menu for tomorrow-yum!

Thanks very much for all the feedback that you have given. I'm glad that you find Jocelyn to be as delightful and wonderful as we do.

Many thanks,
- by
Claire (Maid: Jocelyn)
Thank you for the overview of the day.
Fatima really enjoyed the course & particularly said she liked the teacher!

You are right she is very keen & talented when it comes to cooking. We are very lucky.

We even got to sample the chicken pesto dish tonight! Delicious thank you!!

Thank you again,
- by
Carla Tucker m(Maid: Fatima)
Thanks so much for these updates, Collette! It's great to hear what Vanesa is learning in class... She comes back brimming with enthusiasm about what you've all cooked and tasted that day. I know she's really enjoying it, so I'm glad to hear she's doing well. We've already tasted some of the results... Fried rice, baked seafood rice, pesto chicken, the salad dressing (amazing)... And we're going to try the green curry this weekend -- it sounds delicious and she loved it. I'm sure we will too.

Thanks again, and have a good week!
- by
Kerry Lynch (Maid: Vanesa)
All of the dishes Bhing has prepared have been delicious! Your classes have given her such confidence in the kitchen and she seems to really love to cook!
We especially love the red curry fried rice, green curry fish, and stuffed peppers. Your hummus recipe is now a staple at our home!
Thank you so much for bringing new and delicious meals to our table : )
- by
Megan Bretting(Maid: Bhing)
Dear Annette

My kitchen, especially my fridge has never been more organised and clean! Yes, she understands how to plan a well balanced and healthy meal now. Thanks.

My son-in-law who's a Korean-born American, is most impressed! The food is really tasty! We're looking forward to her attending the Intermediate course.

Really, really appreciate the effort and training provided by Expat Kitchen!
Best regards,
- by
Annie Chin (Maid: Basilisa)
Hi Annette,

Thank you so much for your weekly updates for Rose. She has had a great time at Expat Kitchen and is now much more confident with her cooking. She returns home each week with great enthusiasm to try out her new dishes on the family.

She is already looking forward to her next course.
- by
Lisa Keiling (Maid: Rose)
Annette you are doing a fabulous job. I always knew that Raquel could cook - its just that she has never worked for an expat family. We have had the lovely omlette and her tomato and meatballs are so delicous! We do think that the course was an excellent investment :) Thanks for the update!
- by
Lauren Prendiville (Maid: Raquel)
Ok. The fish curry is the winner so far. Gerannie is getting straight A’s from us. We are huge curry fans and vow never to buy store-bought curry past again! The Moroccan chicken is my new favourite dish. Even my 5 yr old loved it. We are making good progress here : )
You are certainly a miracle worker. My five year old was so intrigued by the string beans recipe with almonds and dressing that she ate her first string bean ever! We all enjoyed the fried rice and mashed potatoes. My one and a half year old ate two bowls of the fried rice! We are looking forward to having her make some nice breakfast for us on the weekend. The chicken skewers are still winners with us and our 5 year old. My daughter begs for chicken skewers for her school lunch, and this is a kid who complains when any other form of chicken, even chicken rice! Her homemade tomato sauce was delicious and she found ways to had some hidden veggies for the kids. I can see she is more cafeful about freezing items and storing them correctly. She also made some nice chicken stock and has used in in a number of dishes for the kids. She tried all the recipes for us within the first two days after the class!
- by
Natalia Ukiedane (Maid: Gerannie)

Helper Testimonial

Hi Ma'am, my employer is really happy with my cooking. They love it! Thank you very much.
- by
Sri (Maid) Employer: Renee Gamble
Hi, its me Thess. Thanks a lot for teaching me how to be a good cook. Today I cooked chicken mushroom and pea risotto. I get the thumbs up from my employers. They loved to eat it. I am going to try all the recipes you taught me.
- by
Thess (Maid) Employer: Melissa Eaton