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 Singapore Food Festival 2011

It was a successful Sunday evening as Annette demonstrated 3 recipes as part of the Singapore Food Festival. She whipped up Thai Fish Green Curry, Chilli Lime Chicken Salad and Cinnamon Chocolate Balls in front of a crowd of 150 people. She even had her own little sous chefs working hard handing out brochures and of course wooing the crowds with their smiles!



 Special Event - Touch Diabetes Support

On the 24th July, 2010 Expat Kitchen, in conjunction with Touch Community Services, conducted a special presentation for the Touch Diabetes Support group. The session was a hand-on, participation activity for the group to enjoy create two healthy dishes that are low fat and easy to prepare.

Annette's choice of dishes to present were Chili Lime Chicken and Apple Bran Muffins

All the group enjoyed helping out and of course, eating the results - see some of our photos from the session below.




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