What's Cooking


EXPAT KITCHEN was originally created in 2007 by an Australian expat, to help bridge the culinary gap between the meals that your helpers prepare and what your palate expects.. 

Expat Kitchen now offers the same level of expertise for all interested food lovers..

  • Our staff are comprised of experienced EXPAT trainers who are native English speakers.
  • Our tailor made courses are designed to anyone improve their knowledge of 'Real Western Food'.
  • We teach elemental dishes through to creative culinary meals including kitchen hygiene and sanitation.
  • Courses are either a series of 4 sessions or single sessions - with each session the attendees will become more comfortable with new cooking techniques and ingredients.
  • All our classes are demonstrated in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that includes hands-on participation, food tasting and Q & A time.
  • A selection of courses are available to all food lovers wishing to sign up for a cooking experience
  • For Helper Course participants, we have designed a custom cookbook filled with recipes, diagrams, cooking notes and kitchen time savers.
  • Hundreds of satisfied expat families now enjoy Western Food prepared by their helpers.
  • Choose the type of classes that suit you and your family - from targetted group courses to Private customized lessons (available on request)
  • Classes are conveniently located just off Bukit Timah Road


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